What was total number of idols in Khana kaaba before islam?

There were total number of 360 idols fixed around the Kaaba at the time of Fateh Makka (conquer of Makkah)

A. 280
B. 360
C. 460
D. 560
History of Kaaba Before Islam:

Khana Kaaba was built by Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail and it’s instruction were given by God. Many verses of Quran state that it was first worship house. It is stated that only Muslims are allowed to enter city of Makkah and non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Makkah.

Frequently asked questions:


Q. How many idols were in Kaaba?

There were total number of 360 idols were in Kaaba.

Q. What religion was there before Islam?

Majority of people in Arab were christian and Jews before Islam.

Q. Who was Allah before Islam?

Word Allah is stated in Quran and Allah is only one and one who created this universe. Allah was there from first day of universe and will be there for forever.

Q. Who built Kaaba first?

Kaaba was built by Ibrahim and Ismail with instructions from Allah.

Q. Who built Kaaba in Makkah?

Hazrat Ibarahim (Abraham) A.S. built Kaaba in Makkah.

Q. What is Kaaba in Islam?

Kaaba is holiest Place in Islam. It is place where Muslims go for Hajj

Q. What is color of Kaaba stone?

Kaaba is black stone. According to shape it is cube-shaped stone.

Q. What is color of Kaaba stone?

Because it is place of worship, was built by following orders of Almighty Allah

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