Prepare for FPSC MCQs examination in 7 Days


Do you want to prepare for FPSC examination in 7 days? If your answer is yes, this post will be beneficial for you. In this guide we will provide you a complete plan of smart preparation of any FPSC examination. Let’s start.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) announces hundreds of vacant posts every month. Many of these posts are of BPS-16 and BPS-17 and all these posts are filled by simple process that is one MCQs paper and then interview. So MCQs paper is must requirement to appear in interview. Secondly FPSC have no such passing marks they create a merit list and call for interview is made only to those who are on top of the list, so, in order to be on top, we must secure good marks in MCQs test. Let’s go through our plan to prepare smartly to get good numbers in any FPSC examination.

Divide and Rule

We want to rule over merit list, so we must follow this principle “Divide and Rule” we must divide our Paper in 7 parts so that we can prepare for one part only in a day. According to FPSC Syllabus there are following subjects common in almost every test like Custom inspector, Investigation officer or other such posts

  1. Pakistan Affairs (including Pakistan Study)
  2. English
  3. Current Affairs
  4. General Knowledge
  5. Everyday Science (General Science)
  6. Basic Arithmetic (in few cases)
  7. Islamiat (not always)

Let’s now see which topics we can cover in 7 days to get maximum score and let our marks jump over other ones.

1. Pakistan Affairs (Including Pakistan Study)

In this portion, if you are going to prepare in 7 days. You must deploy one full day for this subject. This subject will include following topics which can be covered in one day.

  • History of Pakistan before creation (Go for British period only if you want selective study)
  • Constitutional History of Pakistan: You must cover dates of all constitutions, age required to become prime minster or presidents, number of articles in constitutions, constitution abrogation date (not applicable for 1973 constitution), heads of country at the time, constitution was promulgated. These all things are easy to remember. You can remember these by comparing each other.
  • Main events after creation (like Kargal war, Atom bomb experiment etc)
  • Famous places of Pakistan (mountains, passes, lines, old names of cities)

2. English:

This portion can be covered easily in one day. There are questions of synonym, antonym and analogy are asked but you can’t cover those in 1 deputed day so let’s go for following topics while preparing in short time:

  • Parts of speech overview (specially usage of prepositions in sentences)
  • Tenses overview
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Direct and indirect narrations
  • Conditional sentences

You can find all these things online as well as in any English Grammar Book

3. Current Affairs:

If I was appearing in any examinations, I would have covered last day. Because this is most difficult, but it is made very easy due to availability of different websites. Our website is leading website in this manner. We have professional team to cover this subject in Realtime. So, for preparation of this part my recommendation would be obviously my website. Current Affairs section can be found by CLICKING HERE.

4. General Knowledge:

This is most difficult part of this test because general knowledge is very vast field. Examiner can ask any question from whole universe. But, don’t loose hope. It can be covered easily by looking most repeated questions. Link is given bellow at the end of this article. Just go through most repeated questions. But if you want to cover it manually following topics must be covered and are easy to cover in one day

  • Currencies and Capitals of important countries
  • Straits of world
  • Nobel Prizes of 2018
  • News Agencies of World
  • Secret Agencies of World
  • Important seas, oceans, mountains, passes of world.
  • Important record holders of world
  • Recent sports events and upcoming events of the world
  • Major global issues of world
  • Names of those officials and their designation, who have recently visited our country

5. Everyday Science (General Science)

This portion is most easy for science students. You need to go through books of 9th and 10th standard. But if you have not enough time let’s go for following topics for smart preparation.

  • Biology General
  • Vitamins
  • Diseases
  • Chemistry General
  • Physics General
  • Different Sciences and studies
  • Universe (atmosphere, solar system)
  • Most repeated questions

6. Basic Arithmetic

This subject is purely related to mathematics but becomes headache for those who are not math students. So here is the solution. Go for ages, percentage problems on google if you don’ find easy, my suggestion will be to find a friend who is good at Mathematics ask him to teach 8th standard mathematics subjects. And I am sure it can be covered easily within one day

7. Islamiat

This subject is easy for those who are muslims, but for non-muslims it causes difficulties, but this subject can easily be covered by going for most repeated questions because it helps while preparation of this subject. You can find related MCQs on google too.

Preparation Material:

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If you don’t have access to internet just go through any competitive exams preparation book you have.

11th hour preparation:

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Best way is to prepare properly by going through all subjects, but if you can’t go for that this article will help you a lot.