How many Ayat in quran

There are 6236 verses in Holy Quran. There is myth that there are 6666 Ayat in Holy Quran but actually there are 6236 Ayat (if Bismillah is not counted)

A. 6236

B. 6346

B. 6556

D. 6666

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How many times is Salah mentioned in the Quran?

Salah is mentioned around 700 times in Holy Quran.

Is 5 times prayer mentioned in the Quran?

No, But 3 times prayer are mentioned in Holy Quran

Why is Salah important?

Salah is for Allah. So it is most important.

Do you have to pray five times a day?

Yes, Muslims pray five times a day. Shia pray three times but they also pray same number of Rakats as Sunnis pray

Updated: February 18, 2019 — 6:31 pm

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