What does blood consists of?

A. 60% plasma, 40% corpuscles

B. 40% plasma, 60% corpuscles

C. 25% plasma, 75% corpuscles

D. 90% plasma, 10% corpuscles

Biopsy is done on:

A. Tissue taken from a dead body

B. Tissue taken from a living body

C. Blood from veins

D. Blood from arteries

‘Dossier’ means

A.The do of medicine

B. The actual thing

C. Relevant papers

D. Unarranged papers

A balanced diet contains:

A. Animal protein

B. Macro and micro nutrients

C. Food nutrients for growth and maintenance

D. Butter and ghee

Enzymes help in:

A. Respiration

B. Digestion of food

C. Immune system

D. Reproduction

A gene is a:

A. Sleep inducing drug

B. Unit of heredity

C. A kind of vitamin

D. A type of body cell

Isac Newton gave:

A. Law of planetary motion

B. Laws of motion and Law of gravitation

C. Laws of geometry

D. None of these

Pediatrics refers to:

A. Care of pregnant women

B. Care of old people

C. Care of children 

D. Care of bones and joints

What is viticulture?

A. Cultivation of grapes

B. Growing small plants

C. Growing tobacco

D. Cultivation of spices

What does a Pacemaker do?

A. It decreases heart beat.

B. It increases the heart beat

C. It regulates the heart beat

D. None of these