Albatros is:

A. A sea bird

B. A fruit

C. An Animal

D. None

1 nanometer = ?

A. 10-3 meter

B. 10-6 meter

C. 10-9 meter

D. 10-12 meter

lightning is caused when:

A. Similar charges of electricity rush towards each other

B. Opposite charges in different cloud break down the resistance offered by the intervening

C. Clouds  strike against impurities in air and result in a gigantic frictional flare-up

D. earth exerts a pull  on the floating clouds

Frost is not formed generally on cloudy night reason?

A. Absence of water vapour in the air

B.Clouds generate air currents and disturbances which do not promote frosty conditions

C. Clouds prevent radiation  and therefore help the ground temperature remain higher 

D. Moisture of air has been sucked away by the clouds

CNG stands for?

A. Converted Natural Gas
B. Conduced Natural Gas
C. Conducted Natural Gas
D. Compressed Natural Gas

Why does water boil below 100°C at higher altitudes?

A. There is lesser dissipation of heat at higher altitudes

B. Water available at higher altitudes is purer than that in the plains

C. Pollution-free air at higher altitudes increase the calorific value of fuel used

D. The atmosphere pressure at higher altitudes is low as compared to that at sea level 

Which of the following best explains the antioxidant action of vitamin E?

A. It forms a stable radical that can be reduced back to active vitamin E by reaction with vitamin C

B. It is a radical, so when it reacts with another radical a non-radical product is formed

C. It is converted to a stable radical by reaction with vitamin C

D. It is lipid soluble and can react with free radicals in the bloodstream resulting from nitric oxide formation by vascular epithelium

Which of the following is not a function of vitamin D?

A fuse in an electric circuit is used to:

A. Break the circuit when excessive current flows 

B. control the voltage fluctuation in the circuit

C. increase the flow of current in the circuit

D. decrease the flow of current in the circuit