Highest and Lowest Points of all continents

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ContinentHighest PointElevation (feet)Lowest PointFeet Below Sea Level
AsiaMount Everest (Nepal - Tibet)29.029Dead Sea (Israel - Jordan)-1,384.5
South AmericaAconcagua (Argentina)22,830Laguna del Carbon (Argentina)-344.5
North AmericaMount McKinley (United States)20,335Trough beneath Jakobshavn Isbrae (Greenland)-4,960.6
AfricaMount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)19,341Lake Assal (Dijibouti)-508.5
EuropeMount Elbrus (Russia)18,481Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan)-91.9
AntarcticaVinson Massif (Antarctica)16,050Bentley Subglacial Trench (Antarctica)-8,333.3
AustraliaPuncak Jaya (Papua - Indonesia)16,024Lake Eyre (South Australia)-49.2

Area and Population of Continents

The total land area of all continents is 148,647,000 square kilometers (57,393,000 sq mi) or 29.1% of earth’s surface (510,065,600 square kilometers or 196,937,400 square miles)

ContinetArea (square km)Percentage of Total LandmassApprox. Population 2012 (Millions)Percentage of Total PopulationDensity people per square kilometer
North America24,490,00016.5%5467.7922.29
South America17,840,00012.0%3965.6522.19

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A. General Packet Radio Service

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