Choose the Correct antonyms:

1. Capricious

A. Unchanging 

B. Yielding

C. Heavy

D. Concrete

2. Entice

A. Lure

B. Repel

C. Encourage

D. Charm

3. Frantic

A. Mad

B. Crazy

C. Sane

D. Happy

4. Melancholy

Choose the correct antonyms:

1. Arrogance

A. Modest

B. Haughtiness

C. Happiness

D. servile

2. Annihilate

A. Efface

B. Cultivate

C. Build

D. Create

3. Exemplify

A. Over

B. Illustrate 

C. Answer

D. Summary

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

1. He is the grateful ______ his friends.

A. For

B. With

C. To 

D. By

2. I take much delight ______ reading poetry.

A. To

B. For

C. In 

D. By

3. I can see _______ your game.

A. Through 

B. In

C. To

D. At

Complete the sentences by choosing correct word.

1. That was an ________ edition of the book.

A. Summarized

B. Abridged

C. Shortened

D. Abbreviated

2. His reply was such ________ I expected him to give.

A. That

B. Which

C. As

D. When

3.  She never ________ to him in the past.

A. Write

B. Writes

C. Wrote

D. Written