In condensers used in thermal power plants, steam is normally used in shell side and cooling water on the tube side, because of the reason that ?

A. Compared to the mass flow rate of cooling water, the rate of condensation of steam is
invariably smaller
B. Maintaining vacuum on tube side is more difficult than that on the shell side
C. Water velocity can be increased conveniently to increase the overall heat transfer co-efficient
because of its lower specific volume compared to steam
D. Condenser can act as a storage unit for condensed steam

In chemical dehumidification of air___________________?

A. Both specific humidity & dry bulb temperature increases
B. Both specific humidity & dry bulb temperature decreases
C. Specific humidity decreases & dry bulb temperature increases
D. Specific humidity increases & dry bulb temperature decreases

Plasma is_____________________?

A. A high temperature neutral gas
B. Nothing but ionised gas
C. A source of steady and highest controllable pressure
D. Formed at very low temperature