Mitosis and Meiosis (General Science Test) – PST Mock Test 4

Mitosis and Meiosis (PST Mock Test 4)

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Forms of Set (Maths Test) – PST Mock Test 5

PST Mock Test 5

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A. Accountant: Meticulous

B. Furrier: Rambunctions

C. Lawyer: Ironic

D. Shepherd: Garrulous


A. Mania: Pacifism

B. Explorer: Contentment

C. Visionary

D. Rover: Wanderlust

What is shoot?

A. Each of seven cricuits in Tawaf 

B. Tawaf-e-wida

C. Tawaf-e-Qudum

D. None

Mercury is used in the thermometer because:

A. it has relatively uniform expansion

B. it is opaque and so is easily visible in glass

C. it does not wet or stick to the glass

D. it remains liquid at ordinary temperatures

E. All of above 

Topology is a:

A. study of mountain tops

B. study of wool or cotton tops

C. study of top leaderships

D. branch of mathematics

What is a “White Dwarf”?

A. the latest variety of improved wheat seed

B. a lightless star which has collapsed after it hydrogen supply has been used up

C. new breed of white bulls

D. The white rules in East africa

What is an instinct?

A. animal action not backed by thinking

B. a deliberate action

C. an action full of pitfalls

D. an immature action

A photoelectric cell converts…

A. electrical energy into light energy

B. light energy into electrical energy

C. light energy into sound energy

D. light energy into heat energy